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Responsive Design Study

Volunteermatch wanted to investigate the possibility of using responsive design to address their mobile offering, rather than creating a duplicate mobile site (or creating specific apps). I was tasked with researching into HTML5 and Media Queries, as well as determining what content to suppress as the viewport became smaller, and how feasible it would be to implement. I chose a search results page for my initial test, as search would be a primary task for a user on a mobile device.

Additionally, I did detailed statistical reasearch to analyze the segment of VolunteerMatch's audience who would be able to take advantage of the responsive design, based on then current browser statistics cut against the previous year's to see perceived migration to new browsers.

Here we have the search results, more or less as they visually appeared on the site. The underlying HTML was overhauled to address the usage of HTML5 and Media Queries. Note the three column layout, with ad and map to the right.

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